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Customizing Final Arrangements Like a Funeral and Cremation in Centennial, CO

Fairmount Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematory has served the Denver area for over a century. Our long-standing history gives us the honor of being part of the vibrant history of this community. We look forward to continuing to serve for many years to come. Our dedication to providing the highest quality of service and care has been a cornerstone of Fairmount Funeral Home since it was founded in 1890. At Fairmount Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematory, we offer a wide range of funeral service options. Whether you prefer the traditional or something more modern and unique, our experienced team is here to help create a meaningful ceremony that honors and celebrates the life of your loved one. We are proud to provide both traditional burial services and cremation options. Visit our funeral home or contact us to learn more about your options for funeral services. 


When you face a time of grief and loss with the death of someone very close to you, you will often be involved with the planning of final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Centennial, CO. With the excellent support of a professional team, you can have meaningful customized services that best fit your needs to honor the deceased well and offer a healing experience to the attendees. A full-service mortuary like Fairmount Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematory can help you with various service styles.  


Every family and individual are unique, and services for a departed individual ought to be also. There are many ways to combine and customize these options to build solutions that best support your circumstances. Let's take a few minutes to explore some standard death care formats, which will give you a good starting point in your planning.  


funeral home and cremations centennial co


Remembering with a Funeral

Funerals are a common arrangement solution because they are widely adaptable, familiar, and easily lend themselves to personalization. A funeral center around the deceased remains (displayed in an open or closed casket) as part of the service. The physical reminder of the casket can be psychologically helpful to mourners reeling from the shock of this loss. Funerals can be single events or multiple events that work together to honor the memory of one who has died as the final goodbyes are said.  


Burial Solutions and Committal Services

It is possible to hold an honoring and committal ceremony at the graveside as part of a larger funeral package or as a complete service. There are multiple burial solutions for both casketed and cremated bodies. Burial above the ground in a mausoleum or columbaria house can be an impressive and beautiful solution. Ground burial is available at all growing cemeteries for both caskets and urns.  


Honor Your Loved One with Memorial Service at the Best Time for Your Family

Let's suppose you need additional time to plan the honoring events. Or perhaps you wish to care for the remains immediately and hold services without the body present. In either case, a memorial service is an excellent choice since this service is not centered around the body. It can create more flexibility with how you design the arrangements to work best for you and your loved ones.  


Celebrating a Life

A beautiful lens through which you can plan final services is a Celebration of Life. This focus can be paired with a memorial or a funeral format. Though there is sadness at the loss of life, there is much to remember that is wonderful and good. If that perspective will help your family get through this time, talk with your funerary team about how to design arrangements with this focus.  


Cremation as a Respectful Alternative to Care for Deceased Remains

If you are looking for alternatives to casket burial, cremation is an accessible, cost-effective, and secure process to care for the corpse. The body is burned to vapor, except for the most rigid parts of the bones, which will not entirely be consumed by the intense heat exposure. These bones will eventually come to be called "ashes" after they are processed into tiny grains of sand like dust.  


Identifying Needed Merchandise for Death Care With a Funeral and Cremation in Centennial, CO

With both funeral and cremation in Centennial, CO, you are likely to need disposition containers such as urns or caskets. Fortunately, many options cater to various pricing levels and aesthetic preferences. Funerary urns hold cremated ashes securely. These urns can be highly personalized. In addition, there are urns built for temporary use, burial, or display. Some may take on the classic shape of a lidded jar, pot, or vase, while others look like a secure and decorative box. Others are beautiful tabletop statues with an urn compartment built inside.  


Caskets are larger than urns but still sized to fit a full range of body types, from infants to extra tall or large adults. Like urns, there are options for customizing a look that appeals to you and reflects the deceased person's personality. Caskets feature many possible upgrades. Stick with more basic versions to keep costs down.  


Honoring Military Veterans

Special service adjustments and arrangements can be designed to honor the military contributions and service of men and women who have served their country in the armed forces. Let it be known early in the arrangements planning process that you are laying a veteran to rest. Your professional funerary team will be available and ready to step in to see that these details are in place for your family. 


Contact Fairmount for Professional Experts Delivering Compassionate Death Care

To receive compassionate professionalism, you need and deserve when planning service events such as a funeral and cremation in Centennial, CO, reach out to the experts at Fairmount Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematory. Call (303) 399-0692 for immediate care or to set an appointment to discuss future needs. Our facilities are conveniently located at 430 S Quebec St, Denver, CO 80247.  


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs 

What happens at a funeral service? 

The funeral home, a church, or the gravesite are the usual locations for this celebration. In addition to music, readings from literature or religious texts, eulogies, prayers, and hymn singing are all possible. Learn more about funeral services. 


What is a celebration of life? 

While a celebration of life ceremony is similar to a funeral service, it frequently occurs after the funeral and offers families more creative alternatives. It's about gathering with family and friends to talk about their loved ones and what made them unique. 


What do I wear at a funeral? 

Traditionally, funeral etiquette advises both men and women to dress conservatively and respectfully in black. The most typical funeral attire is black or a dark color, however, certain cultures demand that mourners don something else.