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Personalization of Arrangements Like a Funeral and Cremation in Aurora, CO

Fairmount Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematory has proudly served the Denver area since 1890. Our goal is to provide compassionate and thoughtful services, honoring your loved one's memory while offering comfort and peace of mind during this difficult time. We are proud of our long tradition and commitment to excellence built over the years. We provide a variety of services in Aurora, CO to help you honor and celebrate the life of your loved one - from traditional funerals and cremation services to personalized memorials and celebrations. Our cemetery offers burial options, with a wide selection of monuments, mausoleums, and cremation niches. Our staff provides exceptional service and has the experience and expertise to help you plan a meaningful, memorable tribute that honors your loved one's life story. We invite you to contact our Funeral Home today for more information about how we can assist you in honoring your loved one's memory.  


Saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed away is perhaps the most difficult thing most of us will ever have to do. The closest relatives are usually the ones who head up the selection of final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Aurora, CO. However, hiring the professional services of a full-option funeral home can be an enormous support to those planning the events. Arrangements can be personalized in unique ways and designed to fit the needs of your grieving family and community.  


There is not one “best” solution for death care. It all comes down to the needs of the specific circumstances and the preferences of the individuals involved. That said, cookie-cutter services can feel stale or bland. As you work with a qualified team of licensed and trained funerary professionals to design customized solutions for your death care, meaningful and healing experiences will result. Here are a few common starting points when laying a loved one to rest.


funeral home and cremations aurora co


Traditional Funeral 

Many cultures have used the funeral service to honor the deceased and lay them to rest. Funerals are traditionally held with the body of the deceased present for the service. Disposition takes place after the funeral events are complete. If burial is accessible, the burial portion of the service may be included on a funerary day. Funerals can be a stand-alone service, or there could be multiple related events. A visitation with or without viewing the body could be part of these services.  


Burial, An Expanding List of Options

It is possible to have a funeral as part of a graveside burial service if you are looking for a more streamlined version of the day. Burial options have come a long way in the last several decades. Some cemeteries offer impressive above and below-ground interment solutions. Earth burial in full or urn-sized plots can be found at your cemetery.  


Memorial Services

Sometimes, preferences or circumstances dictate that the body will not be readily available for the honoring ceremony. It is still possible to have a meaningful tribute ceremony in memory of the departed. When the body is not present for this service, it is typically called a memorial service. This allows the body to be cared for immediately via cremation or burial without needing to prepare it for presentation. Memorials are sometimes held several weeks or months after the date of death.  


Celebration of Life Services

Often, a memorial service can double with a Life Celebration service. A Celebration of Life is an event that focuses on the contributions and meaningful legacy left by the departed individual. Celebrating our connections to them and the wonderful ways they have impacted the lives around them in big or small ways can be a beautiful way to commemorate a life. Funerals can also take on this element 


Body Preparation Via Cremation

The body can be prepared for final disposition via cremation rather than casket burial. The cremation process is performed for only one body at a time. The corpse is laid within the cremation chamber, and high heat temperatures are employed until the contents are engulfed in flame. Within one to two hours, the fire will be spent, and only some fragmented parts of the bones will be left. These will be further processed into tiny granules called ashes. 


Helps with Choosing Merchandise for a Funeral and Cremation in Aurora, CO

For funeral and cremation in Aurora, CO, you will likely need funerary products to help contain the decedent’s body or ashes or mark their place of disposition. Memorials and headstones can be installed to honor the memory of a deceased person. Before placing an order for this, you must understand what will be allowed at your chosen burial park where it will be installed.  


Urns come in various colors, sizes, shapes, and compositions. The urns hold the cremated remains and can be selected for burial or display purposes. Caskets also come in a wide range of sizes, colors, materials, and finishes. Personalizing details curated as part of these containers can be a sweet way to honor the memory of someone you care about deeply.  


Remembering the Service of Heroes with Veteran Military Honors

The servicemen and women who have offered much to our country through military service should be recognized in death. If you are planning services for a veteran discharged honorably, verifying eligibility for these services is usually relatively straightforward. The professionals at your funeral home will be able to assist you with the proper paperwork and arrangements of these supportive details for the chosen death care services. Levels of benefits will vary depending on what is available in your area and the ranking of your veteran, manner of death, etc.


Reach Out to Work With Our Experienced, Compassionate, Team

If you need to make current or future plans for a funeral and cremation in Aurora, CO, contact the experts at Fairmount Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematory. We are found at 430 S Quebec St, Denver, CO 80247, and are just a phone call away from moving into action for you. Call (303) 399-0692 today.  


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs 

What is direct cremation? 

Direct cremation refers to the immediate cremation of the deceased's body. For this service choice, there is no visitor or viewing. You can put the cremated remains in a number of urns or other containers. If a family isn't prepared to hold a funeral service right away or if the deceased didn't want a service at all, they might prefer this cremation option. 


Can I still have viewing and funeral services with cremation? 

Definitely! The decision to have your loved one cremated just shows how you'd like to care for them after the service; it in no way prevents you from honoring and celebrating their life in any other way. We are pleased to work with you to create a touching service to go along with the cremation, whether you want to plan a funeral service in advance or wait and hold it after the cremation. Learn more about cremation services. 


What is Hugs from Home? 

We are launching a new service called "Hugs from Home" that will enable people who are unable to attend to send someone a gesture of love and support. Fill out the provided form and leave a note of encouragement to be penned and affixed to a white balloon. Our chapel will be filled with these balloons as hugs for the families. They'll be able to read your sincere letters and realize that a lot of people are thinking of them.